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Music Video Monday

January 8, 2018
Music videos are an art form in their own right, a visual bonus to the music we love.  Every Monday we bring you an eclectic mix of audio-visual goodness.

The Last Bandeleros - "I Don't Want To Know"

Whew!!!  Watch out for these guys, Tex-Mex Tejano spiced rockers, The Last Bandeleros.  Having toured with The Mavericks and more recently with Sting, and with this huge nod from Rolling Stone Magazine, it looks like the San Antonio based quartet is in for a huge 2018. 

Sufjan Stevens - "Tonya Harding"

Sufjan Stevens released "Tanya Harding" as a single last December, just before the biopic Quick read more or view full article "I, Tonya" was released on December 8th.  In this essay, Stevens describes Harding as a "strange and magnificent America hero."  With the 2018 Winter Olympics just a single axel away, play this and see if you too, might have wished a softer fall from grace for Tanya Harding.


The Ben Miller Band - "Akira Kurosawa"

Melding clips from old black and white films and contemporary tunes to produce a music video is nothing new.  We love 'em!  It's fitting that The Ben Miller Band's new upcoming January 26th release on New West Records, "Choke Cherry Tree", uses classic clips from famed Japanese film director and screenwriter Akira Kurosawa to serve as a storyboard for the band's gritty single of the same name.  Creative editing brings it all together.

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June 24, 2014
Alternative rockers, OK GO, have released their first single off their upcoming album, Hungry Ghosts, due October 14th, along with another music video that possibly tops their previous visual spectacles...

Tune in to KAFM for more OK GO and more new music!  
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