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Mark is somewhat of a mystery.  Nobody knows for sure exactly where he came from or what his life was before he showed up in Grand Junction in early 2000.  Some say he was in the record business back in the day but it ended badly, as life in that business so often does.  They say wild parties with classic rock giants took a toll and he fled to Europe or South America to escape it all.  Others say that next came a life in the jet set corporate jungle, with shady deals and even shadier associates.  Theories run the gamut of a massive person fortune to escaping with the shirt on his back.  All we know for sure is after arriving in Western Colorado he spent many years hiding out in desert canyons on a boat.  Mark has had a number of different shows at KAFM over the last 20 years, has found his niche on Tuesdays and looks forward to doing more.

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