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Julius C. Lacking


Julius C. Lacking has been sampling the freshest sounds and plundering the dustiest archives for going on a dozen years now to execute his duties as CTO of The Lacking Organization, purportedly a think tank dedicated to exposing the best music you’ve never heard but more likely some sort of convoluted tax dodge we can’t even begin to decipher without a critical understanding of 19th century maritime law.

For more information on Julius and all his Lacking Activities, visit the official website at

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Feb 28 @ 5:30PM
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Feb 29 @ 7:30PM
Music and Lyrics by Mark Hollman, Book and Lyrics by Greg Kotis February 29-March 9 Rated PG (mild…

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KAFM 25th Anniversary Celebration

Mar 1 @ 7:00AM
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Little Mermaid

Mar 2 @ 2:00PM
When a young mermaid is finally allowed her first glimpse of life beyond the ocean, she is…

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