The Yard Sale with E’Rod & L’Woods



I moved out west to the great city of Grand Junction 3 years ago! I attended CMU and studied marketing. This past year I started a marketing consulting agency called BOLD Content Creation and I also work at Kannah Creek Brewing Company as their marketing coordinator. That's where I crossed paths with KAFM and through a whirlwind of events and a snap of the fingers, I became a programmer. My best friend, L-Woods and I host "Yard Sale" on Tuesday nights. Our love for skiing inspired the name as we have both have had our fair share of falls on the mountain. I enjoy upbeat music, some folk, alternative, and pop. We try to feature a little bit of everything and are always open to requests. See you on air!


Hello, my name is Liv Woods but people at KAFM call me L-Woods. I have a lot of love for Colorado. I grew up in Littleton and have lived in Grand Junction for the past three and a half years. I enjoy skiing and picking up new hobbies. Elena (AKA E-Rod) and I met three years ago in a business communications class at CMU. Since becoming besties, we have explored much of western Colorado. On our expeditions we began to enjoy each other’s unique taste in music. And now I am so jazzed to be sharing music with our listeners. Always feel free to always call in and tell us we are doing a good job (my mom does).

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